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Prioritization triangle and priorities in relationships

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“I don’t feel prioritized by my partner….!”

Prioritizing in relationshipsIn this article you will learn why it is more important to prioritize yourself first, and then your partner, to have a good life and relationship.

You will also learn what it means to prioritize yourself first – without being selfish.

It’s about a somewhat different mindset and perspective that will make your life and relationship significantly easier, more enjoyable, and more loving.

You will be explained how to set healthy natural boundaries for yourself in a respectful way so that others feel safe with you.

Furthermore, I will discuss how childhood experiences can influence our choices and habits in adulthood.

If it turns out to be too difficult to make the changes needed for you to prioritize in a more appropriate way in your relationship, you might consider Couples Therapy as an option to make the transformation easier and faster.

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