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Falling in love and love – background knowledge

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The Chemistry Between Two People

What is the background of infatuation and love in terms of chemistry, physiology, and psychology?
Why has evolution equipped us with these two “entities”?

Chemistry between man and womanInfatuation is a fantastic feeling.
It is one of the best “kicks” one can imagine – completely natural without artificial additives.

Originally, evolution “invented” infatuation so that we could mate with a partner with good genes, ensuring a good upbringing for the offspring.
In this way, we influence the next generation, which can continue the propagation of our own genes.Læs mere »Falling in love and love – background knowledge


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Passion and Enthusiasm

passion in a relationship

  • Have you found your right place in life with the right person?
  • Do you wake up in the morning excited about the day and the exciting new possibilities and experiences that await you?
  • Are you passionate about what you do and love the people you are with?

Being wholehearted and deeply engaged in something and someone is an important resource and the key to a good life.

IF it is too difficult to change your life for the better on your own, you can speed up the process with the help of professionals, such as a couples therapist in the Copenhagen area or the rest of the country.
Because if it had been easy to do it yourself, you probably would have done it long ago….
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