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Couples Coaching

Couples coach Mikael Hoffmann can help you get a better and more loving relationship. Click at www.parforhold-parterapi.dk/english

Ultra Short Description of Couples Coaching

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The Shortest and Easiest Path to a Good Relationship

Relationship Coach Mikael Hoffmann
Every conflict (in a relationship) can only be resolved by understanding, acknowledging, and respecting each other, and finding creative ways to meet our different needs.

A good relationship fundamentally involves: Understanding, Trust, Security, Respect for each other – and Forgiveness.

Love consists of Understanding, Devotion, and the choice to give your partner what they want.
When both partners in the relationship do this and perform active caring actions, they feel the love.
True love is not a feeling, but rather a loving action.

Both Relationships and Love can be learned (if not learned in childhood).

Read more at www.parforhold-parterapi.dk/english

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