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Falling in love and love – background knowledge

  • Anslået læsetid: 7 min read

The Chemistry Between Two People

What is the background of infatuation and love in terms of chemistry, physiology, and psychology?
Why has evolution equipped us with these two “entities”?

Chemistry between man and womanInfatuation is a fantastic feeling.
It is one of the best “kicks” one can imagine – completely natural without artificial additives.

Originally, evolution “invented” infatuation so that we could mate with a partner with good genes, ensuring a good upbringing for the offspring.
In this way, we influence the next generation, which can continue the propagation of our own genes.Læs mere »Falling in love and love – background knowledge

The Hidden Signals of Women and Men

  • Anslået læsetid: 15 min read

How to Read Your Partner’s Body Signals?
signs he's attracted to you

In this article, you will read that body signals are not magic, but pure science.

You will learn how men and women can master the art of flirting – whether you are in a relationship and doing it with your partner, or you are single and looking for a partner.

You will find descriptions of specific signals that men send to women, and other signals that women send to men – which the receiver might find difficult to interpret and understand.

Also, WHY it is so.

If it’s hard to achieve the positive results in the relationship that you desire, you will also be introduced to couples therapy in Copenhagen with one of the country’s most skilled and effective couples therapists.

Læs mere »The Hidden Signals of Women and Men

Prioritization triangle and priorities in relationships

  • Anslået læsetid: 23 min read

“I don’t feel prioritized by my partner….!”

Prioritizing in relationshipsIn this article you will learn why it is more important to prioritize yourself first, and then your partner, to have a good life and relationship.

You will also learn what it means to prioritize yourself first – without being selfish.

It’s about a somewhat different mindset and perspective that will make your life and relationship significantly easier, more enjoyable, and more loving.Læs mere »Prioritization triangle and priorities in relationships