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Ultra Short Description of Couples Coaching

The Shortest and Easiest Path to a Good Relationship

Relationship Coach Mikael Hoffmann
Every conflict (in a relationship) can only be resolved by understanding, acknowledging, and respecting each other, and finding creative ways to meet our different needs.

A good relationship fundamentally involves: Understanding, Trust, Security, Respect for each other – and Forgiveness.

Love consists of Understanding, Devotion, and the choice to give your partner what they want.
When both partners in the relationship do this and perform active caring actions, they feel the love.
True love is not a feeling, but rather a loving action.

Both Relationships and Love can be learned (if not learned in childhood).

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What You Get from My Relationship Coaching:

  1. Better understanding with new communication tools
  2. Better habits in daily life
  3. Translation of what you say to each other to avoid misunderstandings
  4. Authenticity, genuineness, ease, and honesty in your relationship
  5. Trauma processing, if relevant

As a relationship coach, I am easy to understand, direct, systematic, positive, and constructive in my work.

Call me at +45 – 21 79 18 50 to find out if I am the right person to help you.
If I have time, I will answer the phone.

Otherwise, send an SMS or write to me at post @ MikaelHoffmann.dk
If you haven’t heard from me within a day, I haven’t received your email or call.
Please try again in another way.

If you wish, I will call you so we can discuss what you need and whether I am the right person to help you. Just fill out the form below.

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Here on the website, I give away a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience completely for free.
Just try to imagine for a moment what my paying clients get from me…..
Whether it’s online or in person at my clinic in Copenhagen.

I am very structured and systematic in my approach to work, and I have great success with it.

For more than 30 years (since 1994) as an independent relationship therapist and coach, advisor, speaker, and mentor-coach, I have had more than 10,000 client hours behind me. See www.virk.dk

Most adults have had 1, 2, 3, or maybe 4 different relationships in their lives.
I have had more than 400!!! – so I KNOW something about this topic….

My success rate as a relationship coach is quite high, meaning that around 80% of the couples who come to me manage to make their relationship work again.

And 100% of those who do their homework and are dedicated to wanting a positive change succeed in their relationship.
They achieve the goals they have set, both individually and together.

I am trained and certified as a psychotherapist from www.IDacademy.dk.
Also trained and certified as a shock-trauma therapist at www.havening.org (www.havening.dk)

To date, I have published five books (in Danish) on relationships:

  • The first is about how to transition from single life to a good relationship.
  • The second book describes what relationship coaching is.
  • The third book deals with managing conflicts and maintaining a good relationship.
  • The fourth is a self-help book on navigating ups and downs in the relationship while maintaining the essence of love.
  • The fifth book is a little book about 7 habits that destroy a good relationship.

Also, see a multitude of short videos on YouTube, which I have recorded myself, about relationships and relationship therapy.

Relationship Therapist Mikael Hoffmann
Mikael Hoffmann
Phone +45 – 21 79 18 50

Read more at www.parforhold-parterapi.dk/english