Couple therapy relationshipAre you looking for a good and happy relationship – or do you want to improve the one you are already in?

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Ring på telefon 21 79 18 50 for flere oplysninger og en gratis samtale.
The couple’s counsellor, Mikael Hoffmann from Copenhagen (København), can’t fix your problems but he can help you to be in a position to solve your own. Maybe you and your partner need to become better at communicating, having difficulty trusting each other, or would like to feel more joy and excitement in your current relationship.

Mikael offers a free 45-minute clarifying coaching conversation over the phone where you will be able to get clarity about what kind of relationship you desire. He will also help you with identifying the most important thing that stops you and prevents you from achieving what you want. Afterwards, you will get to know which steps you need to take to reach your goals.

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I mere end 10 år har jeg haft stor erfaring og succes med online-parterapi - både i hele det danske kongerige og i udlandet.
Jeg har brug enten Skype eller et andet medie - afhængigt af hvad der passede klienterne bedst.
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Online-parterapi: Læs mere på www.parforhold-parterapi.dk/online

Contact Mikael Hoffmann at phone number: +45 – 21 79 18 50 or by e-mail: for an informal talk.

Mikael Hoffmann has been self-employed for 25 years and working as a couple’s counsellor, psychotherapist, and lecturer. His clinic is at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

He is doing the therapy and coaching in Danish or English.

Sessions may also take place via Skype. Mikael has clients in many different countries.

Parterapeut Mikael Hoffmann
Mikael Hoffmann
Phone: +45 – 21 79 18 50