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Passion and Enthusiasm

passion in a relationship

  • Have you found your right place in life with the right person?
  • Do you wake up in the morning excited about the day and the exciting new possibilities and experiences that await you?
  • Are you passionate about what you do and love the people you are with?

Being wholehearted and deeply engaged in something and someone is an important resource and the key to a good life.

IF it is too difficult to change your life for the better on your own, you can speed up the process with the help of professionals, such as a couples therapist in the Copenhagen area or the rest of the country.
Because if it had been easy to do it yourself, you probably would have done it long ago….

The Word Passion

What does it really mean to be passionate?
The word “passion” comes from Latin: passio, which is derived from patior, “I suffer,” meaning enthusiasm.
That you are willing to suffer to do what you do.
That pain is no obstacle to feeling the joy.
It’s a bit like women giving birth. The pain of childbirth serves to help the woman focus 100% on the birth, which is optimal at that moment.

Being passionate about what you do gives most people a sense of purpose in life.
Being able to be passionate about a cause means you can go through fire and water to achieve the results you want and feel good about.

Lack of Passion

How are people doing who do not experience joy or any form of enthusiasm?
Is it impossible for them to change course and climb out of the dark hole?

Some people I have spoken to talk about existential crises in their lives.
They are often responsible, conscientious people who have been passionate about a cause, but where the rug has been completely or partially pulled out from under them.

Others feel lonely in their relationship or have a lonely job.
That they sit alone in front of a computer screen or with a phone. Even though they have colleagues around them, they have a hard time feeling the camaraderie and togetherness.

Some feel that they live according to someone else’s agenda with a lack of freedom.
That they were once passionate, but that it has been lost along the way.
If you find yourself often resorting to procrastination, such as meaningless activities that could wait, this may be a signal that you may have lost your passion.

And others again feel the urge to have an affair and be unfaithful.

Can Passion Be Inappropriate?

Normally, passion is good, but can it also be harmful?

If you use your passion to escape from something, it can harm both yourself and your relationships.
It could be pain, either mental or emotional.
That you fill a hole and void with hectic activity.
That type of passion is definitely an imbalance.
So there must be balance all around and on all levels for passion to be healthy.

Small children have a completely natural and burning passion for learning to crawl, walk, talk, read, and write, etc.
We have all had a passion for something at some point in our lives.

Renewed Passion

passion in a relationshipIs it possible to regain passion in the relationship if it has disappeared? The answer is yes!

How can you tell you are on the right track?
You can tell when you feel you are in the flow, when time stands still/flies, and everything else is shut out – in other words: Presence in the moment.

When you are completely focused on a task or a person.
That your whole body is involved, and you feel at one with what you are engaged in.
That what you are doing has value, that is, is in alignment with your values.
That you feel there is a purpose to your existence.

When we fall in love, we feel it quite naturally.
But it can also happen in connection with our work, family life, or hobbies.
You just have to “do” something about it because it doesn’t come by itself.

I am very passionate about helping other people have an even better life.
Supporting resourceful people in a change of course in life so that they really live their potential.
I do this with articles, lectures, authorship, workshops, courses, and mentoring one-on-one or in groups – and I enjoy it.

To get something different than what you have had so far, you probably need to do something different than what you have done until now.

It’s never too late.
The motivation just needs to be there.
Then opportunities naturally open up.

Passion in the relationship

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